March 20th, 2013

According to a blurb on, Dave discusses “the prospect of reforming Nirvana with PJ Harvey singing Kurt’s vocals.”

UPDATE: Surprise! The cover line is a misleading paraphrase.

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    I am not really into any Nirvana reformation without Kurt Cobain… but I love the idea of PJ Harvey singing Nirvana...
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  6. war-pervert said: holy shit please do this
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    Dave wtf
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    It’d actually be really interesting to see that happen, the reunion with PJ Harvey on vocals, but knowing what I do...
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    Music is art. Let the musicians play. Who are we to say its not okay? They have every right. Just like you have the...
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    I never knew how much I wanted this until right now.
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    PJ Harvey talk aside… I can’t help but notice that half of bands they have on the cover have been on the cover of NME...
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