July 25th, 2012


A King of Infinite Space, a new, and musical, version of Hamlet featuring the music of Pearl Jam. I’m interested to see how this work in progress evolves…
Photo: Sacha Lecca

(Hamlet, played by Rey Lucas, sings “Footsteps”)

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April 24th, 2012
Noted playwright Mando Alvarado’s modern spin on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet places the plot in the Lower East Side for a more relatable take on the quintessential tale of struggling family dynamics, power, and revenge. Fusing the music and themes from American rock icon Pearl Jam’s ground-breaking album, Ten, with a gritty Lower East Side dynamic, this concert event relates Shakespeare’s 17th century literature to 21st century New York City.
description of the SummerStage theater piece A King of Infinite Space, to be performed in the Bronx July 13 and 14

(Source: gothamist.com)

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