April 6th, 2011

For Sale: Soundgarden’s provocative 1988 Christmas card

Dennis R. White, a stalwart of the ’80s Seattle music scene, is throwing a "virtual garage sale" to fund his plan to do volunteer relief work overseas for the next few years. Among the music-related items he’s listing online is this provocative Soundgarden holiday card. Here’s Dennis’ writeup:

For Christmas 1988 Soundgarden asked me to create a Christmas card for fans and industry insiders. I hired Michael Dougan to illustrate an idea the band had. Michael is best known for “The Bigger The Hair The Closer To God” and “East Texas: Tales from Behind the Pine Curtain”. I have three original copies of the card from my archives. These are extremely rare. In fact, they may be the only UNFOLDED, unmailed mint copies in existence. The picture you see is both the outside and the inside of the card. both illustrations are not actually side by side. I’m offering these copies at $25 each, OBO. As I said, these are an extremely rare!

In addition, Dennis is having a fire sale at his Dadastic! record label.

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