October 15th, 2014
I think that prosecuting some college kid because she shared a file is a lot like sending somebody to Australia 200 years ago for poaching his lordship’s rabbit. That’s how it must seem to poor people who just want to watch a crappy movie for free after they’ve been working themselves to death all day at Tesco.
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August 27th, 2014
August 13th, 2014
A lot of times, I couldn’t afford to buy anything so I would just stand at the [West Hollywood Virgin Megastore] magazine rack and read about the people I admired who were living the life I wanted to live…. One night, I was there reading and dreaming and I felt someone looking at me. I looked up and there standing just a few feet from me in the doorway was none other than Robin Williams. He had obviously just been shopping and was carrying handled bags in both hands. We both stood there for a second and then he gave me this beaming, all-knowing smile that said,’Don’t worry, kid. You’ll get there.’ Then he slowly turned and exited stage right. It was a moment right out of Dead Poets Society or Good Will Hunting
Alice in Chains’ William Duvall recalls a meaningful encounter with Robin Williams
August 3rd, 2014

Finally saw Richard Linklater's Boyhood last night, and it was as wonderful as everybody’s been saying. So it seemed like a good time to post Woodshock, Linklater’s 1985 short documentary on the punk-rock festival in Dripping Springs, Texas, which features a very young Daniel Johnston.

Seattle’s U-Men played the ‘85 installment of the festival (that’s most likely their infamous pink school bus in the video thumbnail), and U-Men singer John Bigley described the event in my book Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge like so: ”Naked cliff-diving, eatin’ mushrooms, bathtubs full of marinated beef ribs. It was a mind-blower.”

July 23rd, 2014
July 21st, 2014

L7 cover Blue Öyster Cult’s “This Ain’t the Summer of Love” (from the I Know What You Did Last Summer soundtrack).

July 2nd, 2014

“Nothing happened in my childhood—no trauma or anything. I just had a genetic disposition toward things that were horrible.”

Read John Wray’s excellent profile of Nick Cave in the New York Times Magazine. (Photo: Richard Learoyd)

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