May 29th, 2014

Watch the new music video for Vaporland's “vaporland.” The band features former members of old school Sub Pop acts Love Battery, TAD and the Fluid.

March 18th, 2012

"Sub Pop: Seattle: Rock City" by Everett True, Melody Maker, March 18, 1989 (scan by Archived Music Press)

"There’s a quote of mine from the Sub Pop article that has been used more than anything else I’ve written, which is the earliest description of Nirvana in a British music paper—how ‘They’re four working-class guys from Aberdeen, blah blah blah.’ What’s really kind of annoying about seeing that description everywhere is, although it’s attributed to me, they’re not my words. I was on serious deadline, an I wasn’t an experienced writer by any stretch of the imagination back then. So I was on the phone to [Sub Pop’s] Jonathan Poneman in Seattle and I was copying down word-for-word what he was telling me about these artists. That’s quite dreadful, really, but what the hell.”

—former Melody Maker writer Everett True, from Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge

March 6th, 2012
Molly's Lips (Live)
Nirvana/The Fluid split single

Nirvana - “Molly’s Lips (Live),” from the Nirvana/Fluid split 7-inch (Sub Pop Single of the Month, January 1991). Listen to the Fluid track here.

January 7th, 2012

The Fluid performing “Is It Day I’m Seeing?” at the Bluebird in Denver last night. The show, headlined by Mudhoney, was a fundraiser for the sons of deceased Fluid guitarist Ricky Kulwicki. (Video by lonestone)

August 16th, 2011

Krist Novoselic, Fastbacks, more to cover Nevermind live, in its entirety

Nevermind Live in Sky Church: A Benefit Show for Susie Tennant
Experience Music Project museum - JBL Theater, Seattle, WA
Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011

Twenty years after its release, experience Nirvana’s
Nevermind performed LIVE, in its entiretyeach song played by a different Seattle group. Performers include the Fastbacks, Krist Novoselic, Vaporland, the Long Winters, Visqueen, Campfire OK, Valis (former Screaming Trees), Ravenna Woods and more to be announced soon. This show will be a benefit for long time Seattle music industry maven Susie Tennant, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Ticket info here.

April 21st, 2011
Candy (Live)
The Fluid
Nirvana/The Fluid split single

From the Nirvana/Fluid split 7-inch (Sub Pop Single of the Month, January 1991). Find both sides here.

March 29th, 2011

Fluid Guitarist Ricky Kulwicki remembered

Friends and family share their memories of recently departed Fluid guitarist Ricky Kulwicki here and here.

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