October 17th, 2014
I think [Coco Moore] is possibly reactionary toward being anything in the public eye. When she was born, it was announced on MTV, you know. So that’s slightly off-putting for her. Kim and I never had any involvement with any illicit behavior. Even on the tour buses she grew up on, we were watching John Candy movies and wearing our pajamas. When we were on Lollapalooza in ’95, when she was just learning how to walk, there were all these completely insane bands around us: Courtney Love, Hole, the Jesus Lizard. But onstage, they play the most straight-ahead post-punk rock music. Then Sonic Youth would come out, and we play the most fucked-up music. We’re squares; the most straight band is playing the most unstraight music. Maybe that’s where we put our fucked-up-ness: in the art.
October 9th, 2014

Kim Gordon getting licked by a horse on the Lower East Side late one night: It was just one of those moments that is the magic of New York. You can be at something like an art dinner, that is so refined, and then be walking in the street at night and something like this happens. It was a police horse and I poked my head in its trailer to look at it, and it licked my face. It was so thrilling! You would think a police horse would be sort of beaten down by the city. There’s something so mysterious about a horse anyway, and this one was so beautiful.

(Source: The New York Times)

September 27th, 2014

Kim in your face, photographer unknown, goddamnit.


Kim in your face, photographer unknown, goddamnit.

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September 10th, 2014


"I felt pressured to be happy and free even though I was too young to be a hippie."Kim Gordon on her teenage years

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July 25th, 2014
"The Simpsons" End Credits Theme
Sonic Youth
Go Simpsonic with the Simpsons


Sonic Youth - “The Simpsons” End Credits Theme

It’s Thurston Moore’s birthday today, apparently.
For some weird reason I’ve been watching the Simpsons lately.
For some weird reason Sonic Youth covered the Simpsons theme tune.
Apparently Matt Groening was originally going to get John Zorn to do the theme tune.
These aren’t useful things to know.

Thurston is 56 today.

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June 2nd, 2014

Watch Kim Gordon perform “Aneurysm” with Nirvanafrom the HBO telecast of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. 

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